CD (PA710) (If Installed)

1. CD Loading Slot

1. CD Loading Slot
2. CD Indicator
3. CD Eject Button
4. CD Selection Button
5. AUX Selection Button
6. Automatic Track Selection Button 7. Information Display Button 8. TUNE/ENTER Button
9. RANDOM Play Button 10. REPEAT Button 11. SCAN Play Button
12. FOLDER Button

1. CD Loading Slot

Please face printed side upward and gently push in. When the ignition switch is on ACC or ON and power is off, power is automatically turned on if the CD is loaded. This CDP supports only 12cm CD. If VCD, Data CD, are loaded, "Er-6" message will appear and CD will be ejected.

2. CD Indicator

When car ignition switch is ACC or ON and if the CD is loaded, this indicator is lighted. If the CD is ejected the light is turned off.

3. CD Eject Button

Push button to eject the CD. This button is enabled when ignition switch is off.

4. CD Selection Button

If there is a CD in the CDP DECK it plays the CD.

Press CD button to automatically insert CD when the disc is ejected from the deck by pressing CD EJECT.

5. AUX Selection Button

If the auxiliary device is connected, it turns to AUX MODE to play the sound from the auxiliary player.

If no Disk and auxiliary device is connected, it displays NO Media 3 seconds and returns ti the previous mode.

6. Automatic Track Selection Button

o Push [SEEK ] button for less than 0.8 second to play from the beginning of current song.

o Push [SEEK ] button for less than 0.8 second and press again within 1 seconds to play the previous song.

o Push [SEEK ] button for 0.8 or longer to initiate reverse direction high speed sound search of current song.

o Push [SEEK ] button for less than 0.8 second to play the next song.

o Push [SEEK ] button for 0.8 or longer to initiate high speed sound search of current song.

7. Information Display Button

Displays the information of the current CD TRACK in the order of DISC TITLE ➟DISC ARTIST➟TRACK TITLE➟ TRACK ARTIST➟TOTAL TRACK➟Play Screen ➟DISC TITLE➟.(not displayed if the information is not available on the DISC.)

8. TUNE/ENTER Button

Turn this button clockwise to display songs after current song.

Also, turn this button counterclockwise to display songs before current song.

To listen to the displayed song, press the button to skip to the song and play.

9. RANDOM Play Button

Turns on/off the randomization of the play list of files in the currently played DISC. To cancel the mode, press the key once again.

10. REPEAT Button

Repeats current song when the button is pressed for less than 0.8 second.

Repeats current folder when the button is pressed for 0.8 second or longer. (If there is no folder, entire disc will be repeated.)

11. SCAN Play Button

Plays first 10 seconds of each song in the DISC. To cancel the mode, press the key once again.

12. FOLDER Button

Folder up/down operation.

o Folder is moved up or down from currently playing and folder name becomes displayed.

o Press enter key to play the selectedfolder.

o If the enter key is not pressed with in 5 seconds, then the previous folder name will be displayed again.


o To assure Proper operation of the unit, keep the vehicle interior temperature within a nomal range by using the vehicles air conditioning or heating system.

o When replacing the fuse, replace it with a fuse having the correct capacity.

o All stored bookmarks are all erased when the car battery is disconnected or power to the vehocle is lost. if this occurs, the bookmarks will have to be reset.

o This equipment is designed to be used only in a 12 volt DC battery system with negative ground.

o This unit is made of precision parts. Do not attempt to disassemble or adjust any parts.

o when driving your vehicle, be sure to keep the volume of the unit set low enough to allow you to hear sounds coming from the outside.

o Do not expose this equipment (including the speakers and CD) to water or excessive moisture.


o Do not insert warped or poor quality discs into the CD player as damage to the unit may occur.

o Do not insert anything like coins into the player slot as damage to the unit may occur.

o Do not place beverages close to the audio system. The playback mechanism may be damaged if you spill them.

o Do not strike or allow anything to impact the audio system, damage to the system mechanisms could occur.

o Off-road or rough sunface driving may cause the compact disc to skip. Do not use the compact disc when driving in such conditions as damage to the compact disc face could occur.

o Do not attempt to grab or pull the compact disc out while the disc is being pulled into the audio unit by the self-loading mechanism. Damage to the audio unit and compact disc could occur.

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