Air conditioning system operation tips

Х If the vehicle has been parked in direct sunlight during hot weather, open the windows for a short time to let the hot air inside the vehicle escape.

Х To help reduce moisture inside of the windows on rainy or humid days, decrease the humidity inside the vehicle by operating the air conditioning system.

Х During air conditioning system operation, you may occasionally notice a slight change in engine speed as the air conditioning compressor cycles. This is a normal system operation characteristic.

Х Use the air conditioning system every month only for a few minutes to ensure maximum system performance.

Х When using the air conditioning system, you may notice clear water dripping (or even puddling) on the ground under the passenger side of the vehicle. This is a normal system operation characteristic.

Х Operating the air conditioning system in the recirculated air position provides maximum cooling, however, continual operation in this mode may cause the air inside the vehicle to become stale.

Х During cooling operation, you may occasionally notice a misty air flow because of rapid cooling and humid air intake. This is a normal system operation characteristic.

Х If you operate air conditioner excessively, the difference between the temperature of the outside air and that of the windshield could cause the outer surface of the windshield to fog up, causing loss of visibility. In this case, set the mode selection knob or button to the fan speed control to the lower speed. position and
fan speed control to the lower speed.

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